Roofing Innovations

Roof Replacement — Town of Colonie — Hot Applied BUR

What was the problem?

We performed an initial visual survey, which included multiple core cuts, photo documentation, field measurements, unit and penetration location(s) and asbestos testing of the existing vapor barrier. Along with the initial visual survey, we performed a Nuclear Moisture Survey on the 25,000 square feet of the ballasted EPDM.

based on Roofing innovations findings, we found that the original ballasted EPDM (25,000 s.f.) completely failed due to shrinkage, seam failure, tears and punctures.

Additionally, 12% of existing lose-laid insulation was found to be wet and/or in need of replacement.

What was our solution?

At the request of the client, construction documents were prepared, allowing for re-use of the existing insulation, and allowing for a replacement of the identified wet/compromised insulation.

Instead, we replaced the compromised areas with a 100% solids, hot-applied, multi-ply roof cover. This system was selected due to successful use on past projects, foot-traffic concerns, maintenance personnel requests (who preferring a non-skid aggregate surface), ease of maintenance, redundancy of the system (400 mils of weatherproofing), and lastly, long service life.

From our findings, we saved the property owner approximately $90,000.00 in associated material, dumpster fees and tear-off costs associated with a complete roof removal.


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