Roofing Innovations

Modified Bitumen – Chip Fab Plant

Location:  Connecticut

What was the problem?

Performed initial visual survey which included multiple core cuts, photo documentation, field measurements, unit and penetration location(s) and asbestos testing of the existing vapor barrier.

Our findings indicated that the original ballasted EPDM (20,000 s.f.) completely failed due to shrinkage, seam failure, tears and punctures.  At the time of

our inspection, over 50% of the existing insulation was found to be saturated.  Luckily, the concrete deck and a thin vapor barrier was keeping the majority of the water from entering the facility. The facility managers became aware that the roof was living on borrowed time.

What was the solution?

Construction documents were prepared, at the request of the client, allowing for competitive bidding.

The roof was replaced with a solvent-free, 98% solids, virtually no-odor, cold-applied, multi-ply roof cover.

This system was selected due to foot-traffic concerns, maintenance personnel (who preferred the non-skid surface of an aggregate-surfaced membrane), ease of maintenance, redundancy of the system (350 mils of weatherproofing) and lastly, minimal odors for the occupied building.


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